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Adonis was dumped by his owners and not doing well as a "feral." Now he's in a comfy home loved by his humans!


With the help of some concerned animal lovers, we found Rocky and were able to foster him until he was adopted. Now he lives with 2 little boys who keep him busy! He's part of a great family. Yay Rocky!


Ivy was blind and was found as a starving stray. We had her cataracts removed and now she can see! This old girl now lives in a comfy home with people who love and spoil her.


Bailey (now Gravy) turned up at the shelter with Foxtails in his eyes, ears - even up his nose! We got him all fixed up, and now he has a happy home!


Goofy is such a tough guy, but inside he's a softy. He loves a sofa snuggle and a squishy toy!

Piccolo and Rosie

Piccolo and Rosie could not be cuter! These kittens were at the shelter and getting sick. We got them out in the nick of time. Now they both have adoring families to love them.


Poor Teddy turned up at the shelter with a painful dead eye and mange. He was the SWEETEST guy and once we got his eye all fixed up, he found a great home!


Herbie was an abused backyard puppy. Now he's a happy boy living with his hoomans who ADORE him!


Daisy was a stray with a terrible skin condition and almost NO hair! She was next in line for the kill room when we found her. She was adopted by a loving vet tech and guess what? She's furry again!






Max is one of our beloved seniors. He will live out his days in comfort thanks to our senior program!


Kensi & Puppies were not happy at the shelter. They were so much more comfortable at home, and they all got adopted!








Smooch had 3 strikes against him. He was a pitbull, he was returned to the shelter, and he nipped someone! But he was just a puppy! We gave him a chance and now he's living the good life in Brentwood with a look-alike sister pittie.


Jagger is such a loving, handsome guy - now he's in a home with some cat-loving kids.


Zoya is such a good girl- so sweet and so pretty! She went from stray to adopted when she found her fur-ever home.


Will you help a dog like me make it out of the shelter? I'm waiting for a foster or a fur-ever home!


Little Gracie was found as a stray and was OUT OF TIME after spending a month at the shelter (and it was July 4th, which means the shelter was bursting)! She's a city girl now in NYC with her loving family, including 2 little girls who think she is SO CUTE!


Monkey was sick and alone at the shelter - hidden in the medical wing. Bark Party saved him and now he has a happy home in Hollywood!


We have a soft spot for seniors! Bear was old, blind and deaf - a death sentence. But we found him the BEST HOME ever! Seriously, he hit the doggie lottery!








Diesel on his freedom ride from the Downey shelter! He's on his way to his new home!


Fred is an old man - and the shelter is a terrible place to be dumped! We found him the COOLEST lady in San Diego, who will love him for the rest of his days.








Brando was they prettiest and best trained boy! I don't know how he ended up at the shelter, but now he has a loving home!

Frankie Muffintop

Frankie is a 10 year old who came to the shelter as a stray - matted, injured and sick. We fixed him up, and now he enjoys a comfy life in a loving home with a little girl who adores him!


Milo was at the shelter for 10 months! That's a long time behind bars - especially for a little guy who just LOVES to cuddle. Now he's in a happy home where he gets all the snuggles he can handle. We're so happy for Milo!






Casanova is a little charmer who was in the San Bernadino shelter all alone. He was such a flirt we just couldn't leave him there! Now he has a little boy to call his own who will spoil him!


Little Mojo was dumped at the shelter by his owners because he had fleas and bad teeth. Well whose fault is that?! Because he's an older guy, he didn't have much of a chance of getting adopted. So we saved him, and he's been adopted by a family in NYC! He's a big city doggie now, and living the pampered life he deserves!


Monkey was lucky enough to find an admirer long distance, and now he's loved in Oregon in his new home!


Popcorn's owner died and he was alone in the backyard for months! He's just a puppy! Luckily some kind people brought him to the shelter, and we saved him. Now he's living with the cool kids and the center of the attention, right where he should be!


Asami is a beautiful, polite girl who couldn't understand how she ended up at the shelter - abandoned by her family. She had some admirers looking out for her and their networking saved her life!


Zoe was alone and forgotten at the shelter, and because she had a big mass on her tummy- she had no chance of getting out. But we saved her and gave her the medical care she needed. Now she has a loving home!


Monty is one of our special seniors! He was lost at the shelter - and doomed! We found him a comfortable home where he is loved and he can live the rest of his days!


Dahlia was sitting pretty at the shelter but she was out of time. Now she's the spoiled queen of the castle!


Peanut was forgotten and alone at the shelter. As a slightly older dog, he was overlooked and OUT OF TIME! Now he's happy at his new home on an organic farm!


We helped spring Samuel from the shelter so he could find his fur-ever home!


Just look at how happy Klaus is now that he's out of the shelter!


Princess is an older girl whose family dumped her at the shelter. Older dogs have less of a chance to get adopted, so she's SO LUCKY that she found a fur-ever home to retire in!


Stinker loves this little boy but they couldn't afford the fees for spay and licensing. Bark Party stepped in, and Stinker stayed with his family!


Dolly growled at someone, so she was stuck in quarantine where no one could see her. You can see how cute she is! We saved her and she couldn't be sweeter!


Boomer was going crazy at the shelter - he had too much energy for that little space! Now he's being fostered and waiting for his fur-ever home in Canada!

Billy Holiday

Billie Holiday. We helped another rescue spring this girl from the shelter so she could find a fur-ever home!


Little Cooper was so scared and alone at the Lancaster shelter - and it was really cold! He's just a puppy! We took him out of there, and now he has a great home with a fur buddy to play with!




Junior was howling he was so lonely at the shelter. Now he's found his happy home in San Francisco!


Poor Charlie- so sad and cold at the shelter. He's in a loving, cozy home now!


Leo is a handsome dude! Thanks to a network of caring people, he made it out of the Carson shelter and found a loving home!


Annabelle was dumped at the shelter by her owners and her buddy was adopted without her! This little pittie was scared of everything! But now she has a loving family!






Tigger is such a handsome boy, but he was abandoned at the shelter and OUT OF TIME! His foster family adopted him - who could resist that gorgeous face?


Little Romeo was just a puppy and he was already doomed. He had a mild case of mange (completely curable) but that was enough for him to be in extreme danger at the shelter. We stepped up, got him treated, and now he has a wonderful family with 2 kids that LOVE him!


Little Oliver was a stray who lived his whole life outside and had never worn a leash or collar! He was scared of everything but he learned fast and found out how fun it was to play with toys! Now he's living on a farm where he can play all day with his fur buddy!


Sunshine is an expert love bug who was stuck at the shelter with time running out! She's now living the single girl life with her cool new "hooman" in the big city! Yay Sunny-D!


Brando was dumped at the shelter by his people for no good reason. He's the perfect dog - so loving and well-trained. We couldn't let him die there. Now he has an amazing family to love him!


Daphne is a polydactic cat - that's a cat with extra toes or "mitten paws." As a black cat, she was unlikely to be adopted, so we saved her. Then she saved her adopter, who had recently lost his best buddy cat and needed a little company. She's now the center of attention, right where she should be!


We found Teddy at the shelter - an old dog, alone and forgotten. Bark Party took him out, thinking he had a cold, but with some TLC could start a new life, but it was not to be. Teddy had cancer all through his face and there was nothing we could do. At least he spent his last days with good food, comfort and kind people who showed him love.


Cleo was OUT OF TIME and getting sick at the shelter. Now she's living with her new family and her best buddy- a 4 year old little boy would is so excited to have a cat named Cleopatra!


Ducky was a stray, running on the railroad tracks! He was dirty, starving, and desperate. But we got him all spiffed up. Everyone loved Ducky! Now he's living in LA with a family that adores him!


Papa was at the Downey shelter where his owners had abandoned him. We found him a home on a farm where he has grass and a pond, and everything a dog could want!


Lily was just one of many kittens at the shelter during "kitten season." So many of them don't make it out! But she got lucky, and now she's happy with her new family!


We love black cats! Dolce is a little girl with a BIG personality in a little body! She waved at me at the shelter and stood on her head! No way we could leave her there. Black cats have a poor chance of adoption. Now she's living with Freddie and her new people!


Lola and Abby are two completely adorable sisters were saved from the shelter and adopted. Now they have dogs, cats and chickens to pal around with!


Freddie Mercury was a one-in-a-million kitty! He's super cool and walks on a leash! He impressed everyone with his big mouth and his charisma, and he's living with some cat lovers who can appreciate his BIG personality!


Larry the Great. He's a big dude, with attitude. He's living with a cool gardening guru who has a yard with chickens, (and the patience of a saint).


When we saved Latte, almost all the cats at the shelter were sick. So Latte was in the back room in isolation - all by herself! We took her out of there just in time. She found an adoring family and now she lives happily in Pasadena!


Armani is a real looker! This gorgeous little guy was in the San Bernadino Shelter. For a kitten, he was an "old soul." We found him a new home in West Hollywood with a cat lover who bonded with him immediately! We're so happy for Armani!


Roxie was lonely and scared at the Lancaster shelter when we found her. She's a sweet, tiny Boxer - just a puppy! Once we took her out of that place she was a happy wiggle butt again. Now she has a doggie loving family to call her own.


Arlo is one cool dude! His owner died and he ended up at the shelter. Now he's got a cat-loving family to hang with. We're so happy for Arlo!

...and many more!

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