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Seniors for Seniors

The saddest thing about visiting the shelter is finding abandoned senior pets.  After a lifetime of loving their people, they find themselves discarded for no good reason!  Senior pets have an especially hard time at the shelter. Overlooked in favor of younger pets, often scared and confused, they have a very slim chance of making it out alive.  


We love senior pets!  They're expert people lovers!


We believe senior pets make the best companions for senior people.  They have just the right energy level for older pet lovers and they're pros at this pet thing!


At Bark Party, we pair senior pets with senior people.  Seniors sometimes need extra help with pet ownership, so we provide medical care and grooming to qualified seniors.  Are you over 65? We waive our adoption fee!

Sponsor a Senior!

You can save a senior pet by sponsoring a senior person!  For a $30 monthly, recurring donation you can provide funds for food, supplies, grooming and medical care for a senior pet - so they can find their "fur-ever" home with a senior person.   


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