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Goofy was dumped by an owner who didn't take very good care of him.  He was very neglected (full of fleas and ticks).  He had severe itchies and the worst old scar on his back end- who knows what happened to him!  Plus, his teeth were shattered and jagged!  Did someone kick him in the face?  He'll never be able to tell us. We got him all fixed up!  He is healthy, pain free and ready for his new life!  


Goofy is a real character- very active and bossy.  He's probably a min Pin mixed with something. He worries about everything - but he's content with a good stuffy toy or a tennis ball.  We've got him in training to deal with his fear issues.  He's afraid of strangers, but he's getting better!  With a calm, cool owner, he'd soon learn that the world is a good place.  Ultimately, he loves to snuggle with his person, LOVES to play with toys and he makes a good couch buddy!


What a nasty scar!  Poor Goofy!

Goofy LOVES tennis balls and stuffies!


I'm Samantha and I'm the sweetest, most well-behaved little girl!  My owner dumped me at the shelter and I was there fur-ever! But you'd never know it, because the moment I stepped out I was right back to my happy self.  I love everyone- other dogs, cats, people.  I REALLY like kids- I may have lived with some in my past life.  Even though I like kids, I think I would fit best in a household with older people. I don't require much activity, I'm perfectly behaved, and I LOVE to sit on someone's lap!  I'd do it all the time if I could- I just soak up the affection.  I'm about 8 years old, spayed, up to date on shots and ready for my new home.    


I'm Jaycee and I LOVE to play!  Jaycee was alone at the shelter and very afraid of people.  Someone was mean to her, so she didn't learn to trust anybody.  But with time and training, Jaycee is SO much better now! If you take your time when you meet her, she's soon willing to trust you and have some fun!  She's learned all her manners with a great trainer and is a very good girl.  Due to her fear issues, we wouldn't recommend her for young kids but she would be okay with older kids who are used to dogs. She'd do well in a home that understands dogs and who are able to provide some structure. She's a youngster and still puppy-like. She's a pretty girl! Please consider adopting Jaycee - we'd love to see her in a good home! 

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